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apex leviathan


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love the cheat, there are some adjustments that can be made to make this better.

1. change it to where it only aims at people in the open(shootable) not behind walls

2. add a chest to target on the aimbot not just shoulder hands neck then straight to pelvis

3. you can also add aim at nearest body part as at option.

4. i also sometimes find my mouse locking onto nothing when im shooting at someone close range it locks onto something behind them and i would have to come off the aim button and then go back on it for it to lock onto them.

5. take off aiming at knocked enemies

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We are working on apex now to fix and adjust few things ❤️ 

1. This won't be possible as hack is external layer to make it as safe as possible ? 

2. - 3. Chest and closest target will be added soon ❤️ 

4. Working on snapping out of FOV when they leave the FOV circle as well ?

5. Will look into this ?

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