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Leviathan warzone


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Love this hack, and its personally my favorite one, after trying the other warzone hacks. A few complaint's I would like to address though with this hack is whenever warzone does a in game update and Leviathan needs to be updated its always the last one to finish and takes forever compared to the others! Sometimes I would be told by chat that it might take few hours, sometimes 24 hours, usually it takes 12 hours depending on the update. Chat support is great but I just wish they could get better answers on when Leviathan update will be complete so I don't keep wasting my time check every couple hours. I also would like to see Leviathan get updated and fished just as fast as the other hacks please and thank you or a lot faster, I have been using this website for almost three months now and never had any issues, chat support is great, and I am a happy customer that enjoys .using my hack, but please look into addressing issues I have posted above and have better answers for customers when a hack is updating thank you  

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Thank you for taking the time and the effort in writing this review for us ❤️ 

As leviathan is the latest software we have added it lacks in code for auto update, and some other key factors that bring slow updating time with it unfortunately. 

Developer is also in a bit different time zone and this brings more time to the update, we do wish and trust me best thing for us is to have it up ASAP ❤️ 

As always we will honer all downtime and compensate all the time accordingly. 

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