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New to hacks? - Setting expectations


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I wanted to post a quick note for anyone new to hacks and not sure what to expect after purchase based on my experience over the past 3 weeks. This by no means is a complaint against Battlelog, but rather information that I would have appreciated as a new user. My experience thus far in communicating with Battlelog has been exceptional.

- Expect quite a bit downtime as updates have to be performed as well as other random issues which will keep you from being able to utilize the hacks throughout thre month. This was not expected and a bit frustrating however just part of the process.  I believe Battlelog gets such a great reputation due to the dilegence they put forth in order to stay on top of all this and keep us from getting banned.

- If you are unfamiliar with hacks (as I was), you will need to figure most of the menus as well as functionality out yourself through trial & error.  Although the "Live Chat" team is readilly available and helpful with technical issues, they will not be able to provide assistance with menu setup, ideal setups, settings that effect elements in game, etc.  It would be great if there was some type of start up manual...or even better a forum in which users could post on ideal setups, weapons, experiences, etc. however to my knowledge there is not (and I have searched the forums as well as asked via online chat)

- In order to get initially set up with the hacks, expect to have to make many adjustments to your computer setup.  If you are like me (basic compuer knowledge) it will be a bit challenging and time consuming.  Also be prepared to render your computer  more succeptable to viruses etc. as various security settings must be removed. It obviously would be best to utilize the hacks on a designated gaming computer and not on a primary work computer....or compuer that houses important personal information as the required adjustments could have a negative impact on your computer.

- Technical issues will arise and that is where the Battlelog online chat team shines.  There staff is always readilly available and knowledgable. Utilize the online chat when in doubt as they are fantastic.

In summary, I am enjoying the hacks after 3 weeks.  Remember, I have no prior experience with any other company's products, hacks, etc. therefore I dont have anything to reference. I am still trying to figure things out however enjoying the perks when the hacks are active.


Hope this helps other new users like me.

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