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Battlefield 2042


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I used the Supreme hack and it is okay, definitely a work in progress. Much like the game itself, it needs some tweaks and improvements in some areas. Aimbot works great if enemy is not moving too much or is running straight at you. However, it is inconsistent if the enemy model is moving to the side. Sometimes it does hit and kills the enemy, other times its a hitmarker, other times it doesn't even hit the enemy. This makes close quarter combat weird and difficult. The ESP needs work too. It will tell you that the person is visible however, this means the legs are visible which can fuck with the aimbot as the aimbot is looking for the head. Just needs some minor tweaks and it will be good. I played with a bunch of different settings and you can't quite rage hack. You can play and make it look legit but it is frustrating sometimes. Like the game itself, needs tweaks but its good at its core. I still had plenty of fun sniping people. I dont understand the sniping mod with CAPS on, that needs explaining. Thanks though.

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