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  1. i have been using this site for around 6 months now and got to say it has been great! I have used every cheat to do with warzone and was for the most part happy with them all! Exclusive has turned out to be my favorite of them all! Now with that being said they have taken out no recoil which really sucks but is still my fav. i hope in near future it will be brought back because it was THE MAIN REASON I USE THIS PRODUCT. I will continue use BATTLELOG the staff has always been there within seconds of starting a chat which to me is one of the most important parts of service. Will I recommend battlelog to others? YES this is the best site for your cheats dont be fooled by these other pretenders use battlelog!!!!!!!
  2. I got to say I've had more fun on warzone this month than ever before keep up the great work!!!!!!!!