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  1. Ive tried everything possible and followed all the steps and it still doesn't work. For context, I've purchase 50+ cheats from here and have used them all fine until now. When you download R6 Ultimate and try to inject it, once you load up the game, it loads once then automatically shuts down and then automatically loads up again causing the cheat injection to fail, there is nothing I've been able to do about this and my subscription to these cheats has almost run out and I have not been able to use them for a second. Just a warning to people looking to purchase these, I've had extensive difficulty that still has not fixed.
  2. Beanoa

    Rust Deluxe

    Good afternoon, Up until recently I have confined myself to Apex Legends Cheats from battle log, but I was recently HWID banned. I have since managed to get un-HWID banned but I have not been successful in being able to load up cheats without being banned almost instantly so I have given up with Apex sadly. Hence why I am writing this review! I have recently begun branching out in terms of game cheats and I have decided to give rust a fair shot. Personally I love Rust Deluxe, great systems, great aimbot, great ESP although I have been Game Banned once so far. But not to worry, that game ban was completely my fault as I was enjoying the cheats too much and started spidering up everything I found and it ended up in me getting banned. I have since bought rust a second time and am currently using the cheats again and it works a treat. I am writing this review because my subscription ran out and I am $3 short of a new one so I might as well come here and give them a review. Sorry for the really drawn out message I'm mostly just rambling on to pass time but all in all really nice cheats and I would recommend them to anyone who wants to have a bit of a laugh on rust! Have a great night/day, Beanoa
  3. This is my second time making a forum post about this specific cheats. And yes, they are still absolutely amazing I love the work the creator/s have put into the cheat but I would like to bring up two things that aren't that bad but I just want to get an answer to. Question 1: I noticed that the aimbot does not work in the firing range against my mates, I would really love to see a setting that allows it to be used in the firing range so I could do a minuscule amount of trolling. Question 2: In the last hour of my subscription time of these cheats my computer blue-screens with the 'DCP WATCHDOG VIOLATION' is this to prevent people from not turning their computer off so they can keep the cheat longer or is it just a bug that is yet to be removed? But all in all I rate these cheats pretty much a 10/10 due to their perfect silent aim and anti-stream ESP mechanics, also would like to mention I've used them for a couple months now and no one has suspected me of cheating nor have I been banned or anything of the sort, very legit and very good.