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Apex Leviathan Cheats


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This is my second time making a forum post about this specific cheats. And yes, they are still absolutely amazing I love the work the creator/s have put into the cheat but I would like to bring up two things that aren't that bad but I just want to get an answer to.

Question 1: I noticed that the aimbot does not work in the firing range against my mates, I would really love to see a setting that allows it to be used in the firing range so I could do a minuscule amount of trolling. 

Question 2: In the last hour of my subscription time of these cheats my computer blue-screens with the 'DCP WATCHDOG VIOLATION' is this to prevent people from not turning their computer off so they can keep the cheat longer or is it just a bug that is yet to be removed? 

But all in all I rate these cheats pretty much a 10/10 due to their perfect silent aim and anti-stream ESP mechanics, also would like to mention I've used them for a couple months now and no one has suspected me of cheating nor have I been banned or anything of the sort, very legit and very good. 

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We will see about adding friendly fire, and no should not BSOD but your server log-in would expire and cheats will just no longer work ❤️ 

Glad you are having fun with Leviathan I hit 2 times predator rank and 1 time Master so hope you have loads of fun with friends as well, makes gaming so much more fun and less stressful with such programs 🙂

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