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  1. Frost

    MW2 Deluxe

    Glad you enjoying our products hope you have loads of fun ❤️
  2. If all goes well with testing today / tomorrow we will have it for sale ❤️
  3. Super happy to see this review, thank you for your trust and continues support ❤️
  4. Thank you for your feedback ❤️
  5. Last one had much more work done this is new driver and bypass so we will keep working on it and adding things soon will be 10/10 I'm sure ❤️
  6. Glad you are having fun and we will always care for our customers we know things can happen but we will always be here for you guys ❤️
  7. Super happy to see this, we are happy to have you here ❤️
  8. Glad you have good experiences, unfortunately for Apex it is not from our side but from hosting side we are waiting solutions from by 1st I'm 100% sure we will find a way ❤️
  9. Glad you are having fun bud ❤️
  10. Glad you are enjoying our software ❤️ Will check into your suggestion and see what can be done 🙂
  11. Frost

    valo dulex

    Thank you for positive review, now for your issue sir try to flash BIOS to help with such situations ❤️
  12. Thank you ! We hope today is the day ❤️
  13. We hope today is the day as well sir ❤️
  14. We will compensated all lost time and hope to have it back online today ❤️
  15. Frost

    Apex Deluxe

    Will be updated by end of today ❤️