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  1. Frost

    MW Exclusive

    Happy to see this ❤️ V2 loader has all the same options now and it is more stable, so feel free to give it a go, and you know we are always online for you if you run into any trouble ❤️
  2. Frost


    We will get more in next few hours for you sir ❤️
  3. Frost


    Really happy to hear this ❤️ Games become so much more fun with them! Here is to many more fun gaming nights!! 🍻
  4. Love you back ❤️😄 Added skeleton color, INSERT is new key to bring up the menu and you can adjust it all up with your mouse ❤️ 🙂
  5. Frost

    EFT Enhancement

    Great to hear this ❤️ We will add hide FOV soon for you guys 🙂
  6. we are looking to add such features to this hack but the way it's coded we will need time ❤️
  7. Thank you sir ❤️ We will be adding something like this very soon 🙂
  8. Frost


    Great to hear this hehe ❤️ Also you can try and enabling them should be ok but if you crash keep them closed 🙂
  9. Frost

    Exclusive warzone

    If you crash sir please use our V2 loader ❤️
  10. Recoil is not as strong on this as it is external, if you are looking for good anti-recoil system I would recommend you trying Exclusive ❤️
  11. Frost

    Mixed feelings

    We fixed injection process please try now hope you will be more happy ❤️
  12. We will look into FPS drops right away for you and fix it all up ❤️ Glad you are having fun with new loader 🙂
  13. Frost

    EFT Overload

    Sorry we are taking a while we want to be 100% sure you guys are safe before we give it out, new BE updates and new security they are adding is a bit hard ❤️
  14. Frost

    Great website

    Thank you ❤️