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  1. Frost


    You can use ReWASD to re-map the controller and use aimbot with it 🙂❤️
  2. Frost

    Big thanks

    Developer and testers are doing final things on it we hope to have it soon as well as we are really pushing for it ❤️
  3. Frost

    Warzone Exclusive

    Glad to have you back with us ❤️ We are updating injection and the way loader hides to protect you guys better we also pushed supreme 2.0 for stream lovers and leviathan updates regularly so you guys always have some other software to use 🙂 Trace files are in testing stages now and should be published tomorrow we hope if all goes well ❤️
  4. We will be doing final tests today ❤️
  5. We do apologies for the delay sir we are doing our best to make sure its safe for you to use it ❤️ All time will be compensated as always and we cant wait to see you guys go back out there and have fun 🙂
  6. We are re-working the loader, hope it will be up within 5-7 days if all testing goes well ❤️
  7. Frost

    Warzone Exclusive

    We are looking to re-construct injection process no ETA but we will compensate all the time you miss ❤️
  8. We are in work now for new COD software that will be stream proof + native controller and mouse support + much more stable and reliable ❤️
  9. Final tests should be done next week ❤️
  10. Frost


    We should have it all ready by next week Friday ❤️
  11. Yes sir big security patch so we have to teach each features multiple times and wait for delayed ban we wanna make sure you guys are 100% protected before we enable sales for anything 🙂
  12. Faze spoofer is the new spoofer we have sir and it works on same concept ❤️
  13. We are 100% looking into this sir, just there is a lot more things happening in background to make sure you guys are safe and all is updated so it might be some time I hope you can understand that ❤️
  14. Frost

    Overwatch Bionc

    Yes sir we are doing our best to bring it back but we wanna be 100% sure it is safe for you guys before we do so ❤️
  15. Turn off prediction if you feel it strong with 20 FOV and 10 smooth ❤️