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I have been patiently awaiting Cold War cheats. I check roughly every two hours. When I saw the Classified option go up for sale I was super excited as I have been waiting for what seems like over a week on Cold War cheats. BAM... sold out. Every single option is sold out. Supreme is still updating and is most likely the only stream safe option. Now guys, when I say Battlelog is the best place for safe and reliable cheats. I mean it. But it is definitely frustrating as somebody who has been very patient waiting on cheats checking in daily to have nothing available. I know the wait will be worth it. As someone with an AMD processor you can't get anything better than Battlelog. P.s, any idea when Exclusive for warzone will be stream safe? 

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We are getting few hundreds keys for you guys soon again, you all are just buying to fast for us to keep up ? But we thank you for your trust ❤️ Supreme yes, stream safe makes it for us to update it longer then usual and we rather be 100% sure you guys will be safe then release something to get you banned. you know this is always our first priority ❤️ 

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