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I posted a review previously and it has some worries in it. Mainly security. After reading the mods comment on my review from @Frost it has 180'd my view on the site. This site is secure and one of the best cheating platforms that I've seen. The support is impeccable and the mods will help you with any concerns you may have. I thought there was censorship going on but in reality its purely for keeping the community safe and privacy. I really apricate the time the staff spends on each individual and the work they put in to make sure you are safe. People often times get banned by no fault but there own and blame it on the staff but this team is beyond amazing in explaining everything. If you have any idea how to use cheats and be safe while doing so use this site. They update quickly are responsive and the cheats are better than 80-90% of the competing market. The only comment I think I will keep from my previous review is maybe add a chat-box or pm system for users to communicate with each other to better flow information while keeping security. I cannot stress enough that this really is a community of cheats and not some janky system you should be scared of. Thank you again @Frost and all of the staff. 

Security:  9/10
Cheats: 10/10
Support: 10/10 
Community 8/10

Overall: 10/10

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I thank you for this beautiful review ❤️ I'm glad you have understanding now and that you appreciate our work as much as you do, your guys security and safety will always be our number 1 priority and this is the reason we always have someone online 24/7 - 365 if anything goes down we will know in seconds ❤️ 

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