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EFT leviathan


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Wanted to write a review for the new update since it's probably the only way a dev will get any feedback here.

Update is good, I like that you all lowered the font size so the screen isn't so cluttered. Most importantly is I been using this hack for 2 months and haven't been banned yet which is great because the old eft hacks you all used to have eft supreme and eft Phoenix I was banned within days. I almost gave up on hacking tarkov because buying the game over and over was getting crazy expensive.


**There is something that needs to be adjusted though. With the last update it no longer shows player names, instead only the first letter of their name. I like to be able to read the names so I can keep track of who's on the map and also so I know my teammates. Pretty sure this was an accident as it makes no sense not to show the name. It doesn't even take up less space.


** The aimbot needs improvement. It does not lock onto the head but instead the chest most times which can get you killed if the body is behind cover. Not to mention headshot quests need to be done without aimbot.

** Lastly the esp. Its good but I used to be able to see inside of safes, boxes and crates. Now the esp no longer sees inside of these which means I'm missing valuable loot everywhere especially with this dynamic looting system they just added. Please add it back being able to see what's in containers.


I'm not sure why you all keep taking features away. Is it because you want us to buy a different hack? I'm not paying for VIP nonsense... But I'll pay pretty much anything for a solid hack that has all the features, good aimbot and doesn't get me banned within days because it's detected. So if your taking out features to force people to buy a better hack please let me know which hack that is and how to get it since I'm already paying for the most expensive one of the options I see.


Thanks for listening and thanks for your hard work.

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