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  1. Make sure you are in border-less full screen window mode 🙂 send me PM and ill help you set up, if aimbot is working so should ESP however supreme is updating at the moment 🙂
  2. Always happy to help you out, take care and enjoy your hack 🙂
  3. if its premium you missed one of the step if supreme please wait for hack update 🙂
  4. If you are using premium then yes 🙂 hacks went online in few hours and I tested them today for over 4 hours 🙂
  5. Try to follow all the steps in the guide, if it’s Premium it’s working well now you probably missed one of the steps. If you need more help after you follow all the steps and did as instructed send me PM
  6. Frost13


    it went offline today. premium was up in few hours we hope supreme will be as well 🙂
  7. how much longer till supreme will be up


  8. Frost13

    can't use

    We updated wrong one, Premium is online supreme still on update. working on a fix ASAP
  9. MW hacks are back online and working. I’ve tested it for an hour so please take care use smurf account for next few hours if you wanna be 100% safe 🙂

    1. Frost13


      MW Premium* Sorry for confusion 

  10. Hello, please send me PM and ill support you with this products 🙂
  11. Hello freakxoxo, I'm sorry you are having issue with your hacks. Please send me private message so i could support you 🙂
  12. Hello MrHackTube, Please contact me via PM so i ca provide you appropriate support for your issue, thank you 🙂
  13. Hello, at the moment COD hacks are being updated please always check status page before using hacks, thank you 🙂
  14. are the hacks working for warzone??

    1. Frost13


      Hello 🙂 there was security update and they are being fixed now.

    2. Alwashah19


      lmk when its back up please and thank you 

    3. Frost13


      check on my profile ill write it down as status 🙂

  15. Battlenet just released new security update we are working on fixing it 🙂