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  1. Thank you so much for this words!! ❤️ I really love to hear feedback from customer and yours just hits the spot!! I'm glad you found us and we are looking forward for your long term staying here ❤️
  2. I’m so happy to hear this ? Looking forward of having you around around for long long time ❤️
  3. Hey Ash! I'm very happy you are having fun with our hacks and that you are loving them ❤️ Also don't ever hesitate to ask us about settings, proceed to forum area in Premium COD chat and ask any questions you might have for any different options they have I'll be more then happy to answer all of them for you ?
  4. Thank you so much! All the hard work we put in is really worth it when we see review like this! You make our day better ❤️
  5. Thank you so much for this beautiful review! We are here for you guys and we will always support you and help you wherever and however we can ❤️?
  6. We are glad you are having fun! Stay safe and enjoy the game ❤️
  7. The most advance spoofer system in the market!
    It wont spoof only your HDD/SSD but all of your hardware serial numbers including MAC address.

    Some hacks come with spoofer included but nowhere close or powerful as this:


  8. Very happy to hear this ❤️ have fun and stay safe ?
  9. Snowball


    I'm glad we got you that PUBG PRO you wanted so much!! Enjoy and have fun buddy ? ❤️
  10. Thank you for this awesome review!! Nothing makes us more happy then to read comments like this! In all this crazy busy times things like this help us keep going and keep doing everything we can to make gaming experience for all of you better ❤️❤️❤️
  11. Most modifiable yet most affordable COD: MW hack we have!! Developer giving the lost time back when software is updating plus constant support, it doesn't get better then that!!

    Grab your MW Supreme now at discounted price for 89$!! ❤️ 


  12. I’m very happy we got it all sorted for you! We worked very hard to get this guide out and after many hours of testing and failing it really is beautiful to see it come to work for our people, for you ❤️
  13. We are glad you got all sorted and we hope it will be smooth ride from now on ❤️ have fun and stay safe!
  14. You time is paused every time we switch status to updating so you don’t lose any of your time ❤️?
  15. Very kind of you, thank you so much!! ❤️
  16. Thank you ❤️ always happy to help you guys out ?
  17.  We now have a solution where you can use aimbot with your controller, download and use software below to make this happen ? ❤️

  18. Thank you so much for this words! ❤️ I don't see you guys as customers i see you as part of the family here at battlelog and you always gotta help out the family, you know you are alwasy welcome to send me any message even not related to hack ❤️ stay safe and take care ?
  19. Thank you for this beautiful words, words like this make all this hard work worth it! ❤️ I truly won’t stop till I fix that issue for you buddy!! ? and Am I A to top it off!! Right in my ❤️?
  20. Hi All! From now on all support questions will have to go directly to support system.
    Only general enquirers and product related questions will be allowed on Forum page, thank you for understanding ❤️ 

  21. Over 10+ features added since launch of the hack! and now support multiplayer as well!

    Up time 99% of the time with hacks going back on in matter of hours  ❤️ 



  22. Hey All!!

    Please look at the updated version of shadow and HWID ban removal ❤️


  23. If you ever get stuck in high ping lobby or have HWID ban this is for you ❤️ 


  24. Got shadow ban or HWID ban in COD MW? we now have the solution for you ❤️ 


  25. Reason to buy this hack:

     * Integrated HWID Spoofer!
     * Integrated HWID Ban Bypass
     * Integrated flag-bypass cleaner! 
     * Integrated MAC address changer!
     * Cheat Up-Time 99% of the time! 
     * Works on AMD and Intel CPU!
     * Instructions and guidance on how to keep playing even if your PC has HWID BAN!
     * Remove Shadow-ban


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