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  1. Glad you are enjoying our services ❤️?
  2. Personal user myself, lvl 155 no ban ever on main account ❤️ Includes its own HWID spoofer witch is 30-50$ by itself now available with radar hack UAV all over the map baby!! Buy yours now at 


  3. Boys and girls!! We are now officially 20,000 users!! Thank you all for support and trust ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Elprimo


      Hello why do the cheat is not woking + i got banned

    2. Frost


      What’s cheat? Did you check status page before playing?

  4. Thank you for this beautiful comment ❤️ We are glad you are enjoying our services and we are very happy you will sick around for next coming months ❤️?
  5. Thank you for your review, crashing is due to miss step in hacks, low performance PC or game fault itself. I’ve send you PM and I’ll help you personally to make sure your game doesn’t crash because of us ?❤️
  6. Supreme Modern warfare is back online and undetected!! go crazy boys!! ❤️ 
    Download new loader and find new implemented features to take your advantages even further ?


    1. scarface


      When do we get the menu back? There's way to much information on screen ATM Was perfect 2 days ago ? 


    2. Frost


      Yea we realized it so at least you guys can use it while we work in fixing the menu ❤️?

  7. Thank you for this beautiful review ❤️ we are happy you are enjoying our services and we hope you stay in our family for a long long time ❤️
  8. Supreme going back online shortly...thank you for waiting ❤️ we will also give you 12 hours back for the lost time ❤️ 

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    2. xGPanda


      thats not really shortly XD waitin since yesterday 9oclock D;


    3. Frost


      thats very short for hack with 12 hours time back and going back up in a day after 16gb update for season 3 ? 

    4. xGPanda


      are there some new features?


  9. Final steps in EFT Master 1/2 Hack boys!!! Whole new layout, all new security!! Completely redesigned for your safety!! ❤️?

  10. About to hit 20,000 users big! From all of battlelog we want to say thank you for your trust and continues support in being our member and part of this big and fast growing family ❤️

  11. I know you are all super excited to have supreme back online! We are working on some tweaks as we want to be 100% sure you guys will be safe, your safety is our first priority hope you understand that ❤️?

  12. Frost

    really great

    We are glad you are enjoying our services ❤️
  13. MW Premium, hack that is online 99% of the time, now includes radar mini map hacks. No bans since we introduced the hack and after season 3 update it’s back online in under 6 hours!! Doesn’t get any better then this ❤️  Buy yours now at 


    1. Mouloud


      Radar mini map hack ? So it’s a constant UAV ?

    2. Frost


      It’s constant UAV all over the map!! ?

  14. COD MW Premium is back online and ready to be used, enjoy ❤️

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    2. Mouloud


      Or should I just buy the Premium and they can pay me back for the supreme ? I am open to a resolution. You already sent me his info for discord earlier but like I said no answer, I really appreciate you’re help Frost you’re the most helpful person on this website so far. ???

    3. Frost


      Thank bro ❤️ No don’t buy as we can’t issue refunds for security reasons. Please just give him some time I’ve already told him about you so he should be able to help you soon ?

    4. Mouloud


      Thank you ???

  15. COD MW Premium is updated and it will load up the hacks. We are testing it now to make sure it’s safe, please play on smurfs for another couple of hours till we are 100% sure ❤️

  16. COD MW is updating .... please wait ?

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    2. Mouloud


      Ok I’ll try that thanks!

    3. Onimusha12


      You play 190-220 fps cheat not flickering ? I play more 60 FPS cheat will flickering.

    4. Frost


      Nope I had 0 issues for over 60+ days now, try to go over troubleshooting steps see if any of them fixes the issue.

  17. Thank you for your support ❤️ we are glad you are enjoying our services ?
  18. COD MW updated drooping in 45 minutes, please be safe and try to play clean until we test it properly ❤️

  19. Thank you for this amazing review ❤️ we are happy you are having fun and enjoying our support and software ? i like your suggestion and definetly something we will look into going in the future, we will always grow and always improve ❤️
  20. Tomorrow there is season 3 update for COD MW. After update please let us test the hacks to make sure it’s safe for you all to use them ❤️?

  21. COD MW is one of the most popular games in the world right now! Grab your Supreme access, hack that is taking over this page! Affordable and simply amazing..with constant updates and improvements soon to bring you FOV (Field of View) aimbot adjustment. Just follow our instructing and dominate the MW servers with ESP and Aimbot ❤️



  22. Thank you for your trust ❤️?
  23. All please read this!! Please ? something that makes me sad the most in this job is to see you guys banned because you didn’t follow instructions! I know you are excited to play and start right away but please step back read our instructions and follow our guide! Stay safe ❤️

  24. Ever got HWID ban on your game? don't worry! with our HWID Spoofers you can now keep playing on your pc again with new account ❤️

  25. Right to the ❤️ thank you for this beautiful review, I'm always happy to help you guys out! We will continue to proved you with best service and support i promise you that ❤️