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  • Destiny 2 Hacks

    Destiny 2 is one of the only games that were able to take all the great features of the open world genre and improve upon them. The game is set in the far future. Everything is dependent on technology, including gunfights and warfare.

    Destiny 2 isn’t your everyday open world game thanks to its futuristic features. These features include the technologically advanced weaponry and abilities as well as the constant shift in environment. For example, players will have to constantly adapt to changes in gravity and position reveals etc.

    Above all else, the game offers an experience that is both fun and fierce at the same time, while the added futuristic twists make Destiny 2 crazier than most games that you’ll play in the popular genre. Get started with some awesome Destiny 2 hacks from us to take it to the next level.

    Destiny 2 Cheats

    Destiny 2 doesn’t compare to some other games in terms of competitiveness, but this doesn’t mean that the game isn’t competitive at all. Destiny 2 is usually all about fun, but things can get serious at times. This is especially true for the final moments of a match, as all players are under pressure at this point.

    Destiny 2 cheats are a way to relieve some of this pressure and add to the game’s energetic fun, which is why many players tend to use them. They are used to enhance a player’s abilities in Destiny 2, as they allow them to aim much better and deal a lot more damage. There are many other uses for these cheats other than this. The type of enhancement just depends on the type of Destiny 2 hack being used by a player.

    Some players tend to use Destiny 2 cheats in order to make the game more fun and interesting than it already is. Others use them to win games and sweep up their opponents. These players are the more competitive ones and only focus on winning games. Regardless of their use, cheats can help anyone that plays Destiny 2, which is exactly why they’re so popular.

    Why you Need to Start Using Destiny 2 Hacks

    Whether you play the game for fun or to win against other players, you absolutely need to start using our Destiny 2 hacks. They can be used to help players interested in doing either of the two, or even both at the same time!

    Hacks are usually considered great because of the fact that they can help players win games, no matter how tough the competition might be. However, that isn’t all that they’re good for, as they can also be used to improve the game by making it much more fun. Having an advantage over your opponents and being able to toy with them is considered fun by most, and it’s exactly what are cheats can be used to do.

    Our powerful enhancements for Destiny 2 will make you truly unstoppable. They’ll make it much easier to aim, easier to find enemies, easier to get out of trouble and add a lot more fun to the game. What you use the Destiny 2 hacks for is entirely up to you, the only job of our Destiny 2 cheats is to help you along the way!

    Our Destiny 2 Aimbot

    As mentioned, all the different mechanics in Destiny 2 make it feel crazy at times. While crazy is good, as it makes the game more fun, it is also bad as it can make it harder to aim. Regardless, aiming is easy win any game out there as long as you’ve got a got a good aimbot to help.

    We offer you our Destiny 2 aimbot to make aiming as easy as possible. It is good enough to provide you with the best aim assist that you need to land every shot, while also making it easier to eliminate enemies with enhanced damage and auto-fire. .

    All these great features can be accessed with our aimbot and can be paired together in order to make Destiny 2 much more interesting. Everything is easier and more fun when you’ve got a great aimbot to help you dominate your opponents and win matches in style!

    Our Destiny 2 Radar Hack

    Once you get off guard, the match is pretty much over for you in Destiny 2. The game’s fast paced gameplay makes it unforgiving, as the player to land the first play will surely come out on top most of the time. This is why it’s vital to avoid any surprises and know where your enemies are.

    Luckily for you, this is exactly what our Destiny 2 2D Radar hack can help you with. The radar hack can be used for scouting enemies and staying away from them. It is also a good way to plan an attack on an enemy squad or player after spotting them.

    Our Destiny 2 ESP and Wallhack

    Similarly, to the previous Destiny 2 hack, our ESP and Wallhacks for Destiny 2 can be used for offensive and defensive ploys. Our Destiny 2 wallhack and ESP are property altering cheats that allow players to see others through solid surfaces like walls.

    How these enhancements are used is entirely up to the player, as it can be of great use against enemies in fights or it can be used to avoid fights in the first place. Our Destiny 2 ESP and wallhack are very effective at what they do, which is why you can expect them to always provide you with the help you need!.

    We are famous for our various cheats such as our Warzone hack and many others. You can't go wrong with us.

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    • We will look into your suggestions and see what we can do, but we do usually block people from using hacks if they are updating ❤️ 
    • All MW projects are going great, maybe Levi if you want good aimbot or Supreme 2.0 if you wish to stream ❤️ 
    • Hey all, First of let me say that these hack are the best around and you will not get banned if you use them correctly.  Things to add or change: 1) the field of view for some of the call of duty hacks need to have smaller FOV, i want a very small FOV since my aim is pretty good to snap onto somebody, but most of the cod hacks don't go that small, and even the smooth rate needs to be the same across all you hacks. some are to snappy even on your lowest setting. 2) the messages on top of the screen when somebody is aiming at you or how many players in an area need to go. nobody wants those in the hack and from my perspective, trying to stream or record clips it is not needed in any of the hacks little messages on top of the screen, or put an option to hide them on all your hacks. ****************3) This one is what is important***************** - there needs to be a function in the hack that kicks us out of the hack if you go into it and perform maintenance on it. this is how i got Hardware banned. i was using it, and before i stated the status page said "working" then after an hour of playing i got kicked out and received a full ban for cheating. when i went back to the status page, they were working on it. how am i supposed to know to stop using it if you don't send a message or kick me out of the system.   Besides that i wish i didn't have to disconnect me other 2 monitors to use these hacks. I am still using these hacks and they are the best around, just the above improvements in the Call of duty Games would be best especially #3.   Shout out to the team they are the best.
    • The Rainbow Six Siege Quantum hack package is really good! I love the fact that you guys put extreme effort into the hack. Though, I may have spend a lot of money on purchasing multiple 24 hour hack, I finally purchased a 30 day hack knowing that this hack is amazing. I have bought myself an alt account for me to use to hack, and haven't got banned at all till now. 100% recommend this product. The only problem is the updating issues, it may be slow, but I fully understand since Battlelog is strict about game security.
    • Hello Battlelog community. Asian here and I’m back after a long hiatus due to irl reasons. Frost is the best out there and the staff team was nice to me during my time here using their great services! I miss you guys and miss the help you’ve guys give me when I used the EFT Levithan cheese. I’m getting back into COD MW and I’m thinking of purchasing them. Which one has been undetected for the longest and which one would you prefer Frost? Would like a very safe one to use and thanks man. Hope to hear from you soon good friend.
    • Hello,  After reading your review I believe our live chat support team can help you with your enquire and how to proceeded in such scenario.   Please do use live chat support button at the bottom right of your screen (green button) And ask our 24/7 live chat any support questions you have.  Thank you for your understanding and trust ❤️ 
    • Hey, 2 days ago I purchased the DBD hack. It does exactly what I want it to do. But I seem to be having trouble loading it now? Yes I've done all of the requirements (I was using it earlier today) I'll just assume it's a bug in the software. But good work on it. ESP is more than enough in this sort of game :)
    • I've tried out all their warzone programs and all work great and are very easy to set up and run I personally only use the supreme program as it does what I need and 9 out of 10 times and gives me no issues at all, but if you do run into any issues they're very fast to help and fix it. I've been running their cheats for 12 months now and never had any issues or been (banned/shadow bans). just always check the status like they mention and you'll never have any issues. but obviously if you aimbot people cross map then that's on you so don't cry if you get a ban lol. I'd recommend the products to others to try its well worth it.
    • Battlelog is great for offering different variations of hacks for a single game.  Unfortunately, with this comes the need to compare before purchase.  I chose a 24 hour license for Warzone Supreme 2.0 to try it out.  I chose Supreme because of the UI alone.  It is simple, clean, and inviting.  After a day of use, I came back for a 7 day license.  I would definitely recommend it, however I have not tried others; This is mainly because the install and prep process is a bit of a handful and I did not want to have to do it more than once if it differs between hack variations. Some features could use a little explanation.  Such as the effect of increasing or decreasing smoothness numbers (the higher it is the more natural it appears, lower numbers make for a snappy and very noticeable aiming), as well as Player Eye under the ESP setting; Not sure what this does, though it would be great to know. Other than a bit more of detail, the only other thing I would recommend is maybe an autoshoot function.  I noticed Leviathan has one, but again, I have not tested other variations.  This would make quick-scoping much easier, as well as long distance shots. All-in-all, I am happy with my purchase, though prices for this stuff these days are unreal all around the web.  I had to choose between purchasing a hack for a free game, or getting Cold War.  I chose the hack for now; I can not justify the cost of hacks for two games right now. In short, highly recommended, but it could use a little attention in detail.
    • We are doing all we can to bring aimbot on valorant back issue is with mouse drivers being blocked we have to find another way that is as safe as the one we had before.  We know it takes time but we do a lot of testing and a lot of work to make sure you guys are safe when we release something ❤️