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  1. Thank you so much for this review and kind words ❤️ Yes both of this games will be sold when the games go out fully ?
  2. Try reducing game details to save some GPU usage might help ❤️ We are glad you are enjoying our software ?
  3. Thank you for your review, we appreciate the time and effort and are glad to hear you are having fun ❤️
  4. We had to remove it for now due to security concern we had sorry we just want to protect you guys ❤️
  5. Thank you for your review, we are glad you like it we will work on fixes ASAP ❤️
  6. Your feedback is received and will be shared and talked over with development team ❤️
  7. Will be fixed asap ❤️
  8. Thank you for using our services, we are happy to have you here ❤️
  9. Snowball

    Faze Spoofer

    Thank you for your review, maybe clean windows install will sort the rest out ❤️
  10. We take them off to keep you guys safe ❤️ Hope you keep enjoying our software ?
  11. Snowball

    Cold War

    We will see what we can do for you ❤️ Thank you for the review ?
  12. Snowball


    Thank you for taking the time and the effort in writing a review for us I really appreciate this ❤️ Hope to see you wish us for many many more months ?
  13. We are actually actively working on bringing full controller support for exclusive as of now ❤️ Premium 1.0 will stay retired for now due to some things happening with developer and we will consider bringing it back when all is settled ❤️ ?
  14. Snowball

    Ole Timer

    Thank you for detailed review I really appreciate you being with us and always happy to see customers like this after so long time being and supporting us ❤️
  15. Thank you for your reply I'm glad you are enjoying our software and have fun ❤️
  16. Snowball

    Apex Quan

    No ETA as we need to re-code the whole loader I'm sorry ❤️
  17. We will be ready for whatever they bring ❤️
  18. Never heard of this in over 4500 hours of playing apex and using over 50 hacks to test it all out, but ok ?❤️
  19. Snowball

    EFT Leviathan

    F5 is to activate aimbot sir you can use arrow keys to adjust all other settings ❤️
  20. We hope to have it re-worked soon sir and have it online in next 30 days at most ❤️
  21. Please come to live chat support, we will swap you to Faze spoofer right away, we wanna make sure everything works for you and you are enjoying your time here ❤️
  22. Thank you for your review! ❤️ Aimbot we disabled no sway, recoil and breath so long shots will be in aimbot, we did enable this things in EFT Quantum if you wanna give it a shot ?
  23. We are working on apex now to fix and adjust few things ❤️ 1. This won't be possible as hack is external layer to make it as safe as possible ? 2. - 3. Chest and closest target will be added soon ❤️ 4. Working on snapping out of FOV when they leave the FOV circle as well ? 5. Will look into this ?
  24. Snowball

    Quantum AL

    We are re-working latest EAC patch against it we do not have ETA right now but we should be having it up in next 4-5 days I hope ❤️
  25. Snowball

    MW Exclusive

    We added it in prediction sir it works automatically now for all weapons ❤️