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  1. We will check on this, thank you for letting us know and we are glad you are enjoying our products ❤️
  2. Glad you enjoy it ❤️
  3. Thanks! Glad to hear this 🙂❤️
  4. Snowball


    We are always here to help sir ❤️
  5. Thank you for your review, when anti cheat comes we will fight it same way we do EAC and BE, we will always do our best to protect you guys ❤️
  6. Snowball

    Domo Arigatou!

    Happy holidays! Hope you enjoy it and spend quality time with your family ❤️
  7. Glad to hear this bud ❤️
  8. Glad you are enjoying our support, we are online 24/7 for you guys ❤️
  9. Glad to hear this bud, hope you have much fun using our services ❤️
  10. Really happy to see reviews like this, I'm glad you are having fun with us ❤️
  11. Really glad to hear such experience, hope you have many many more fun and safe gameplay hours with us ❤️
  12. We are always online to help you guys out ❤️
  13. Christmas came in early this year!! Hope you have loads of FUN!! ❤️
  14. Glad you are linking it, hope you have loads of fun here with us ❤️
  15. Glad you are having fun, hope we see you around for many many years to come ❤️
  16. I'm sure we will find a way to sort it all out for you till the end, thats what we are here for ❤️
  17. Glad you like it, hope you have tons of fun ❤️
  18. Snowball


    Please know that a lot of issues are now due to game being just release and things like this will be fixed ASAP ❤️
  19. Really glad you and your friend are having fun ❤️
  20. Vanguard Exclusive now available in store page! 

    Have fun ❤️ 

  21. With windows 11 rolling out, and our software not being supported on it yet I have decided to do this guide for you on how to easily roll back or even upgrade to specific windows version. There is no need for USB drive, CD drive, or anything its download and GO! Simply press this link HERE select windows version you would like to get (Windows 10 2004 and above is recommended) Simply follow the instructions as you ware to install regular windows (you can chose to keep your files as well) Hope this helps you roll back to windows version you want, when done remember to go to settings windows security and updates and pause windows updates so it will not upgrade you to windows 11 again! This is the selection I would personally chose when re-installing / upgrading or downgrading my windows:
  22. Glad you are having fun with us 🙂❤️
  23. We will look into this but also need to wait a bit for us to see what Vanguard and their anticheat brings to the table, some options we might need to remove for the security reasons ❤️
  24. Snowball


    Really glad you are enjoying our services ❤️