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  1. Should be safe sir, if offset change we will update it within few hours only, glad you are enjoying our services ❤️
  2. Glad to have you around for so long! Thank you for all the support ❤️ And despite anti-cheat making certain things harder no anticheat in the world will ever be able to stop hacking software 100% becasue its just back and forward hacking, it always was it always will be, nothing is un-hackable, nothing.
  3. Thank you for your feedback, glad you are having fun with us ❤️
  4. I'm glad our support was accommodating, and kind to you, please come to live chat support and ask them to make a ticket so I can compensate your lost time and push new update that I hope will fix issue related to your problem ❤️
  5. We do have 24/7 live chat support online that is always here to help you with any questions do feel free to come and chat with us anytime you have any concerns or questions ❤️
  6. Thank you for your suggestion, we discuss this many times and adding such things will add extra risk on code and you guys getting banned we prefer keeping you guys as safe as possible reason why none of our COD hack was detected in last 2 years is because of this reason as well ❤️
  7. We are always here to make sure you guys are taken care of, glad to see such reviews on forums ❤️
  8. Glad you are enjoying our services, hope you have a lot of fun ❤️
  9. Happy to have you with us bud, hope you keep enjoying our services and have a lot of fun! ❤️ 🙂
  10. Snowball

    MW Supreme

    As always there is risk when using cheats, but as you know we do our best to provide the safest products in the world ❤️
  11. Glad you are enjoying it, we will continue to do all we can to support and improve the product ❤️
  12. If someone has personal suggestion feel free to @ and answer to him ❤️
  13. Glad you are enjoying our services ❤️
  14. Glad to hear this, maintenance message should be gone now hope you have fun ❤️
  15. Glad you enjoy it, status page is the best place to go to check if cheat works with latest updates ❤️
  16. Thank you for another review, glad to see all is going well and you are enjoying it 🙂
  17. Safety was and always be our first priority when it comes to products ❤️
  18. Snowball

    Faze Spoofer

    They are not doing nothing more then EAC or BE so should be a smooth sale ❤️
  19. Glad to hear this new bud! Keep enjoying our services, and have fun ❤️
  20. Glad you are having fun bud, nice to see reviews like this ❤️
  21. understandable as vehicle vector of movement is so fast it is hard for us to calculate exact movement and moment when to hit, we will keep improving but we can only get so close, hope you understand ❤️
  22. Glad to hear this bud!! Hope you have a lot of fun ❤️ Restart or shut down BSOD is normal as program is hiding and needs to close, we are looking for some fixes but mostly it will stay sir
  23. Snowball

    BL fam 4 life

    Really amazing to hear this, honestly glad to have you with us and I'm so happy this helps you ❤️
  24. Really glad to hear this, glad to have you with us ❤️
  25. Bring good hacks we will, enjoying them you will ❤️