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  1. As small as FOV as you can and as high smooth rate as possible will be the most legit looking setting ❤️
  2. Snowball

    WZ leviatan

    Use the smooth option in cheat to adjust aimbot to your liking ❤️
  3. Supper happy to announce that we are now selling hacks for Dota 2! 

    We know how hard are this to come by so we decided to provide some for you, easies and safest way to buy Dota 2 hacks only at ❤️ 




  4. If some of our users have preferred good setting please write a review and @ above user thanks ❤️
  5. Will ask dev to see if we can make this happen for you ❤️
  6. Thanks ❤️ There is an option like this but it's messing with the code of the game and changing something we do not wish to change. In short terms it adds so much risk for you guys and we would hate for you to be banned so please stay way from such tools as they are not good on the long run ❤️
  7. We pushed another 800 accounts for you guys! Enjoy ❤️
  8. Trusted accounts that are 100% verified for 1$ only here at Battlelog!! ❤️

    - SMS confirmation done 

    - email confirmation done 

    - random generated name for extra security


    Purchase yours now here:


  9. Snowball

    Game Crashes

    Try reducing CPU overload by reducing the game details, making sure no other app runs in background as well, at the same time we keep looking for new ways to make loaders more easy on the PC and CPU usage, we thank you for your trust and support it means a lot to us ❤️
  10. We are adding special payments for Kuwait ASAP, we already contacted payment provider, as we do not have any ETA right now I cant tell you with certainty when we will have it but we are doing our best to make this happen for you ❤️
  11. Snowball

    apex premium

    Thank you for your patience and trust, if you do not wish to wait we are happy to transfer your subscription to working product ❤️
  12. ESP is due to Fog Of War and expected with Valorant game unfortunately, for aimbot we are already working on latest patch where they blocked mouse drivers and finding new ways to bring it back ❤️
  13. Snowball


    Thank you broski means a lot ❤️
  14. If you really want it for aimbot and best ESP do not use stream proof hacks as they are not designed for users who wanna go in and rage a bit, instead pick Exclusive or Leviathan and you will see the GOD of the aimbot ❤️
  15. Snowball

    Valo Supreme 2.0

    No idea why this would happen but Im sure i've supported you already in less then 12 hours wait time ❤️
  16. Not that I'm aware of sir, sorry ❤️ if someone reads this and can give the answer please send a review in so I can learn as well to help other users ?
  17. Hello, After reading your review I believe our live chat support team can help you with your enquire and how to proceeded in such scenario. Please do use live chat support button at the bottom right of your screen (green button) And ask our 24/7 live chat any support questions you have. Thank you for your understanding and trust ❤️
  18. Snowball

    old leviathan

    We had to change that menu due to security reasons I'm sorry for this and hope you can understand that this is only for your safety ❤️
  19. Snowball

    Cold War Zeus

    We are working on it now sir ❤️
  20. I understand sir, I will try to talk to admin team on payment issues and see if they can step up their game in payment process ❤️
  21. I understand your concern, while making this menu we made sure there is no loops and security leaks this is the reason we had to change so many thins, as first priority for us is to protect you guys and make sure you are safe as much as possible ❤️
  22. aimbot fixed and updated ❤️
  23. Snowball

    Pub g

    Please check this guide on how to use hacks safest way possible:
  24. Try to turn on the info sir it should show then ❤️
  25. The software has its own built-in spoofer that will protect your original serial numbers from getting banned ❤️